Wednesday, 30 September 2009

love these

illustrated plates from Krisatomic on Flickr

via my new fave blog....


these gorgeous wall stickers and whatnots from mimi lou....

where did you get that hat, where did you get that hat...

after my recent gull-tastic hat creation worn at the Sound Harvest Festival in Glynde...i found these fab birdie hats from vintage vogue spreads....more inspiration!

ORANGE CRUSH capelet by katetowers on Etsy

ORANGE CRUSH capelet by katetowers on Etsy

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Monday, 28 September 2009

united we stand

just bought some lovely new shoes from United Nude...the shiny shiny new "Helix Lo"...

tho my heart still belongs to the boots i bought earlier in the year the beeyootiful (and very comfy) "Fold Mid"...

the stealthy rabbit

found this amazing Brighton-based lady who makes interesting animal sculptures...look

a moose

a mouse

and a wabbit...natch

hopping mad

bunnies, bunnies everywhere....

heavenly bunny necklaces....

love this mask from Tom Banwell's Etsy store...

not to mention ...on the Louis Vuitton

and these are just plain buntastic...

all remind me of the fantastic film "A Christmas Story"....THE funniest xmas movie of all time...when Ralphie is humiliated into wearing the bunny suit...when all he wants for christmas is the Red Ryder BB gun ("No, you'll shoot your eye out")...oh wow i gotta get that movie on dvd and watch it again pronto...

Sunday, 13 September 2009

chin chin

nice poster by Richard Perez



Fantastic...Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre prints now available to purchase, which one?!

tho sadly this one i found ages ago isn't available in the shop...

ha ha

loving this guy's work....


Thursday, 10 September 2009

from Rebecca Horwood @

smoking makes you look cool?


marc johns is the man


Tay for tway

lovely little hat...Two for Tea...from etsy seller Whiteapple....


what a lovely idea...origami flowers and headpiece as wedding accessories...from Mishy Lane the Brizzy blogger



lovely rosette headband from etsy seller giantdwarf



pretty shuuuus

mmmm....want them....

heavenly house

isn't this just beeeyoootifulll...Clingstone House in Naragansett Bay, Rhode Island ....i want to live here...or maybe just go on holiday....apparantly the owners (an architect couple) bought in the 1960s for around three thousand bucks!

from via mishy lane via the NY Times

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


am still pining for a neck ruff...saw these lovelies on Etsy....

from misfitchic:

from constumerenaissance:

from estylissimo:

knitty love

look at this fab knitty creation by Jenna Sykes, knitwear designer, which was on show at Harrods and then auctioned for breast cancer charity. also loving this little cardy/bolero but don't know who the designer is...

but might only be able to actually recreate this little number....a wee hat!

all thanks to the Making Things blog