Friday, 30 April 2010

something wild and wonderful

i'll never forget seeing Melanie Griffith as Audrey in Jonathan Demme's 1986 classic Something Wild - a great film  (all uplifting adventure one minute, then with the arrival of the brilliant Ray Liotta as Audrey's psychotic boyfriend, everything spirally into a violent nightmare), a brilliant sound track...and Melanie in her "Lulu" phase (nod to the beautiful Louise Brooks) never looked so good.  this would be my fancy dress film character of choice def.

clogg happy

with my Dutchie bike on the way...i'm loving all things dutchie...and fancy a pair of these beauties from maguba  spotted via posterous.  actually i'd just like some black upper, black wooden sole type ones...surprisingly difficult to locate.

lace lighting

beautiful lace lighting from brownehsieh via design sponge tho i must admit i love it mostly because i've been thinking i'd quite like a bit of a lacy motif for my next tattoo.....mmm

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

bikes i currently adore....

searching for the perfect many beauties...which to choose...which to you see a pattern emerging....much...hmmm let me see....must be pink and/or have a basket!

(1)  Nirve Paul Frank Skurvy Special Edition - £449.95 from ridelow

(2) Pashley Poppy - £435 from pashley

(2)  Pashley Tube Rider Hybrid Bike - £495 from ridelow or £445 from evans (tho only in midnight blue)

(3)  Schwinn Debutante Hybrid Bike 2010 - £329.95 from ridelow

(4)  Dawes Graduate 2009 - £439.99 from evans

(5) Oma Classic Dutch bike - £298.99 from dutchie

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

pick me!

brillaint...strangely addictive and actually quite difficult in some case.....have a go at pick one

holy hairy sox!

 drown in a blossom brooch
 shark bait hair clip

what a giggle - check out these wonderful pieces of jewellery from hairy sock - items available here

Sunday, 25 April 2010

i want a BICYCLE!

having reawakened my love of cycling on a recent trip to France - i REALLY WANT A BICYCLE...and these pantone beauties above are just LOVELY (spotted via color-stripes).

and look at THESE lovelies below (spotted via design sponge) from a collaboration between stockholm based design studio note and italian bike producer abici and inspired by the colors of classic stockholm building....lovely lovely loveliness on two wheels.....sadly only available through stockists in the US/Canada...none in the UK...sniff

kris's color stripes

beautiful hand painted wooden bead necklaces from Milan-based designer (and brilliant blogger) Kristina Klarin seen via the design files

you say glamping, we say camping

 Ekopod, Cornwall
apparantly the rapidly growing craze to do camping in luxurious style is called "glamping"...well did you ever?! anyway the guardian just did an article on a few great outdoor huts, yurts and caravan type places to do this in the UK...hmmm...glamping...must say i'd be tempted...certainly the idea of roughing it festival stylie is not so appealing these days...i need a comfy bed!

dead flies

as sent by a friend "dead flies - you'll love this"...and i do...from here

museum of naturkunde

this looks like a must see when visiting Berlin...the naturkundemuseum - full of all sports of intersting spotted via etsy.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

beauty & light

love these wonderful photographs shot in natural light by romina shama seen via this is glamorous

between the sheets

amazing huge close up paintings of white fabric from scottish artist alison watt seen via this is glamorous.

division collection

delicious new line of jewellery inspired by patterened interiors from jess lc spotted via this is glamorous reminds me of honeycomb....bzzzzzz