Monday, 25 January 2010

clean lines

i want a telephone stool like this and a kitchen like that and a floor like the other...via the city sage

ooh tattoo

spotted this lovely tattoo via etsy - looks like it could be the work of Canadian artist Yann Black from  your meat is mine who influenced my own tattoo... nice...

sunshine & rain

the last couple of weeks in LA have hosted two award shows with two climates: rain at the Golden Globes, followed by sunshine at the SAG Awards.  there were some fabulous frocks on show and these were my picks...

at the Golden Globes....beautiful bodices...

Jennifer Anniston in valentino

Kate Winslet in yves saint laurent 

the ever glamorous Sophia Loren in armani prive

and my fave would have to be Christina Aguilera in versace looking very Fritz Lang's Metropolis

and from the SAG Awards a week later....

Kate Hudson looking absolutely fabulous in emilio pucci

i love Mo'Nique in badgely mischka

not a popular choice it seems but i like it...Edie Falco in bottega veneta

 old school 40s glamour...Sandra Bullock in alexander mcqueen

and last but not least...the boys were lookin' hot's Colin Firth and Tom Ford in his own designs

a bird in the bag

i love this Marc Jacobs bag, available at net-a-porter...

Saturday, 23 January 2010

wallpaper* on iPhone

am always looking for apps for my new iPhone and saw that wallpaper* are now doing city guide apps...must check them out...

more iPhone loveliness here at notcot


always wanted these David Shrigley salt'n'pepper shakers but they sold out as soon as they were made...they are now available again thru the polite shop but at 70 smackers a pop i don't think i can justify even this purchase...

in the pink...and grey....

beautiful pinks and greys from vanessa bruno via this is glamorous

cluck cluck

last night i dreamed of chasing, catching and holding a chicken...and after discovering that chickens don't even feature in my little dream book i have researched this further online and this is what i found:
"dreaming about chickens means that good times are just around the corner" nice

coincidentally today's Etsy email contains lots of lovely chicken related products....

heavenly wallpaper

i love this wallpaper by louise body - i definitely want going to send off for some samples to try it out on the walls...
and maybe a bit of this too...woohoo!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

melbourne home loveliness

i heart the beautiful melbourne home of  Donna Zimbardi via the design files,  Donna manages the aquabelle holiday apartments in Rye...def a place to visit if ever i'm over visiting chums in Melbourne... and her house is to DIE FOR....

lovely wee birds

more lovely wee birds via wee birdy these are from Urubbu are hand carved and painted from Brazil and available in the lollipop shop in Brighton so am going to check them out when down there in a couple of weeks.

Monday, 18 January 2010


SALE of these amazing prints by Jen Skelley at her etsy 2 get 1 free...i've just bought these 3 beauties...zippy, spike and sprout!

dog + tash = aaawwwww!

via 9GAG


hee hee ....via 9GAG


oh man...i want one of these for my festivalling....they were available at Target which is an american store...can't find any hoo....found via 9GAG


now i love a party and i love cheese...but what about the poor cracker?!!!  via 9GAG


brilliant...and perfect for a certain hair-obsessed friend...via 9GAG

keep calm and...oh fuck it...

you know i can't stand those posters...but this is more like it..via 9GAG


ha ha ha ha....from 9GAG

cone love

awwww...cone cuteness....via 9GAG

nice girls

from 9GAG