Monday, 19 November 2012

november mattresses

just a few mattresses from the last week...
this cheered me right up on a miserable day - sent by my friend Mandy - spotted near her home in West London
on Bramston Road, NW10
outside Dollis Hill Tube, NW10 - on the way to work one morning this week
Radcliffe Road, NW10
also this weekend i took a trip to the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich for an exhibition of stunning photographs by Ansel Adams. 
a couple of whoppers at the Ansel Adams show

thankfully there were quite a large number on display and room to really take in their beauty - unlike the last exhibition in London of his work (2002-ish at the Southbank) where it was so rammed people shuffled past in crocodile with about 3 seconds in front of each picture.  this time there was more room to maneauvre, little nooks to sit and contemplate and 3 vast scale pictures right at the centre - amazing.  we just kept going round and round and staring intently at our favourites, wishing we could own one...and pay a visit to the wild american landscapes on show.

Noreen and me - enjoying some hot spiced apple with brandy in Greenwich Market
we had a delicious hot spiced apple brandy in Greenwich Market and took a little wander round the second hand market near the station where i managed to pick up a strange piece of cutlery.  the stall holder had no idea what it was and later it caused a flurry of discussion amongst friends on facebook, trying to figure out its purpose. 
what is it???
suggestions ranged from the serious to the ridiculous...from a butter curler or pea scraper to a miniature croupier rake or instrument of surgery or torture...but it turns out to be a completely harmless "baby [food] pusher" which normally comes in a christening set with a silver spoon and is for those who can't manage to push food onto their fork with a knife!

Monday, 12 November 2012

mattressland update

here's a few i've spotted lately
Nightingale Road, NW10
and just over the road - Nightingale Road, NW10
Kensgington twinned with Mattressland

lukey likes mattresses

i've been very slack recently but my mate Luke has been sending me a whole glut of mattresses that he's spotted lately around London-town....
tiptastic - south - Oct 2012
save that space!

Croydon - November 2012
Croydon 2 - November 2012

Notting Hill - November 2012
hiding, Ealing - November 2012
Crystal Palace - November 2012
and there were even more than this but i edited them down to the best - thanks to our intrepid south london spotter!!!!