Wednesday, 31 March 2010

my sentiments exactly, Basil!


shelfy birdhouse

fab little shelf, handy for books, looks like a bird house - seen via design my world - wonder if i can get "the man who can" (aka my dad) to knock one up for me!


love this handy coat/key rack from etsy - brilliant recycling idea for all those spare doll limbs lying about!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

yip & yap i would normally think people dressing their pets an abomination...but these are spotted via beci orpin

i love you more than zombies love brains

 i love this more than zombies love brains....
and these....bone appetite!

lady marmalade

thanks to the fab wendolonia for this delish looking lemon ginger marmalade recipe...she even provides templates for the lovely labels here yummy yum yum...can't wait to make some.  think i might try it over the easter weekend.


a friend was recently describing his lip-licking anticipation at eating new spring lamb this weekend. being a veg-aquarian i find this thoroughly distasteful. i say NO to munching on murdered lambies and say YES instead to suicidal creme eggs!

Monday, 29 March 2010

pretty lady, pretty hair, pretty the birdy

from mads teglers via oh joy

pretty shoooooos

i must have these pretty geometric patterned shoes from roxy seen via oh joy

something wonderful

from here  via tea for joy

scissor scarf

i want one of these from snoozer loser via oh joy

panic button

check out kate wilson's new birdy illustration...soooo cute...
i just love everything she does - and she's just done some work for laura tabor's new jewellery sweetie collection ...with sugar mice...oh joy!

more here

flower chair

lovely conservatory chair from anthropologie via design is it, want it, can't afford it...

sophia brueckner

beautiful geometric pattern round paintings from californian artist sophia brueckner via design is mine

kitchen inspiration VI

what is this painting???!!

i have always loved this painting of a young malay girl in sarong and black head scarf/turban (at least that is what it looks like to me) and i often see it in style magazines, design supplements, etc - but can never find out what it is (and where to get a copy).  if anyone knows PLEASE tell me!  it kind of reminds me of those paintings by king of kitsch himself Tretichikoff

lovely things

lovely things spotted via bloesem - geometric pillow from etsy seller, porcelain keys and broderie anglaise cuff from none such things

light house

i want to live in a house like this...but where would all my clutter go?!!

happy happy day

from natsuki otani via design is mine

design inspiration

 via design is mine

sew tattoooooo

 another lovely little crafty tattoo seen via a beautiful mess

mad men mania

eeek...Mattel are going to be making Barbie & Ken dolls in the style of  Mad they're only available in the US tho...have to get my contacts on seen here via a beautiful mess

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Night of the Hunter

just been to see the Charles Laugton directed (the only film he ever did - a tragedy as its genius) 1955 classic Night of the Hunter starring Robert Mitchum, Shelly Winters and [sigh] Lilian Gish.  not seen it for a few years and of course it was as magical and scary as ever.  double treat because it was introduced by the wonderful Mark Rylance (as part of the Flicker Club at the Lexi cinema) who read from the book (totally mesmerising) AND got the audience up and dancing to some Robert Mitchum recorded calypso tunes. nice.  however, i could hardly concentrate as sat directly in the seat in front of me of my cinematic heros...Nicolas Roeg!!!  at the end of the movie as everyone mingled and shmoozed (i counted at least 3 soap actors, John Simm and several other b-list actor types) there was the thrill of watching Nic Roeg and Mark Rylance shake hands....please, please, please let this be the start of a collaboration.....heaven...

Friday, 26 March 2010

the enchanted palace

 am dying to pop down to Kensington Palace to see the new enchanted palace exhibition (starting 26th March).  while the palace is being renovated installations based around seven "rebellious" royal princess of the palace are to be found in its dusty interiors.  you must use your eyes and ears to find clues to the princesses identities.  with the help of cornish theatre company wildworksthis promises to be a spellbinding experience.

photo thanks to style bubble

birds & bees

must go see Jessica Albarn's new show "The Birds and the Bees…..and the Butterflies!" at the Nelly Duff Gallery on 8th April 2010. More info here seen via wooster collective

evil dead - done in 60 seconds, in clay

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

pom pom-tastic on the catwalks

lovely big pom poms and safety pins and silkiness and knitwear and big slouchy comfyness....ooh i love it all - it just looks so lush and wearable... seen on the Paris fashion week catwalk from sonia rykiel