Wednesday, 30 June 2010

charming baker NYC

having seen his work, most recently at the London Art Fair, i fell in love with charming baker and now i see by this little film from wooster collective that he's also really cute...mmm...artist-crush....i do love HALF PINT ...the panda print...i think i might have to succumb to the urge to purchase a print...if there are any left....

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

doily love

more doily love available here as seen via a beautiful mess


got a whacking great crack in your wall...why not make a feature out of seen via this is glamorous

i want...a SHRUBBERY (on wheels) seen via swiss miss

fluffy mccloud

FLUFFY MC CLOUD from conorfinnegan on Vimeo.

one seriously coool cloud...spotted via swiss miss

tell me a story

fab tell me a story set from the small object ....just roll the dice and start telling a story...simple but spotted via mishy lane

hee hee...pee pee

i love this tee from yokoo as seen via mishy lane

bonnie lass

Faye Dunnawaye really is one hot chick...especially in 1967 Arthur Penn movie Bonnie & Clyde co-starring Warren Beatty....and this massive poster is fab (as spotted on mishy lane)...ha ha...kinda reminds me that an ex of mine always used to say, after inevitably spending longer than me dressing, upon leaving the house "yeah, but does it look good with a gun?" before striking a ridiculous pose....somehow he never quite pulled it off like this...

stuff noone told me

brilliant illustrations here seen via mishy lane

perfect pannier

lovely pannier available at cycle chic

bendy boots

buy boots...get seen via grey

kitchen cabinet of love

i want one of these as seen via lovely dottie angel promoting the wonders of granny chic...

house heaven

i think i love this house as spotted via design sponge so many great little ideas....of course i am particularly loving the skull "table leg"...

yes please

"please, please, please" tattoo from design is mine - from the song by The Smiths...very cool...

easy living

i want an outdoor space that looks like this - as seen via delight by design - i would feel like i am on holiday all the time...mmmm....

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


i have just discovered this site gorgeous (if a little pricey) are their clothes, acessories, everything...look this top even has a camel on friend Emma would love it...she's rather partial to a camel or two!!!

Infinity Guitars by Sleigh Bells

Infinity Guitars by Sleigh Bells

i jeffin' love sleigh bells...when you are done shimmyin' and fancy a bit of shoutin' and bangin'...totally awesome LOUD and HOT!

Janelle Monae - Tightrope last some decent music...a great toe-tappin', shimmytastic tune...perfect for summer!

Monday, 21 June 2010

'king brilliant weekend in kingham

just back from a wonderful weekend in the Cotswolds, with my dear friend Jo, re-connecting with an old friend Emma whom we hadn't seen for over 20 years!  we all grew up together in Borneo (ex-pat brats) from the age of 11+ and we spent the weekend pouring over old photos, reliving our teens and laughing non-stop.  Emma and her lovely hubby Percy, two gorgeous kiddies Rex and Greta and footie loving doggies Pinky and Bunny (plust assorted friends, guests, spare dogs and au pairs!) just made us feel so was really hard to leave and head back to smelly old London town.  am already looking forward to going back asap!
we had a lovely day out on saturday at posh farm shop daylesford where we went for lunch and then pootled around the (overpriced but fabulous) shop, boutique and spa.
followed by lots of lovely alfresco dining and walks in the beautiful village...fab.

jesus in queens park

taken by Brett Boykin

kitchen inspiration XII

via design sponge


.....beautiful print from Charmaine Olivia's etsy store...

summer wedding

 got the dress, shoes, shrug...and now looking for some long feather earrings and the outfit for my friend's late summer wedding will be sorted. am loving these ones on etsy just not sure if they are a bit TOO much.  also hope the weather holds is in Glasgow!