Sunday, 13 June 2010


most people who know me know that my fave movie of all time is i was super thrilled when my very good friend from Texas, who has been lodging on my sofa while he looks for a place to live for the past month, bought me a thank you present ...the original Jaws Log published in 1975 "the fantastic story of the making of the film that has smashed every box office record in the USA - a film born out of the terrors of the deep"...!!! its got some great photos...i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.
poor old Chrissie!
if you don't want to know the secret...look away now!!
a fresh-faced Steven Spielberg!

and just to add to my excitement ...i have just found out that the fabulous flicker club will be showing Jaws at local (kensal rise) indie lexi cinema - its always a great outing as there are cocktails, goodie bags and a reading by a famous fan (previous include Joan Collins for All About Eve and Mark Rylance for Night of the Hunter)...can't wait!

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