Tuesday, 30 November 2010


today the long awaited snow arrived in mattressland and it continued to come down, but sadly not settle properly, all day.  despite it buggering up my commute to work and being bleedin' freezin'...i just LOVE it.  especially as it gives me an excuse to don my yellow snowboots!  now just check out these little foxes playing about in it...bless...another reason, as if you need one, to love these wonderful creatures.

vintage matchbox holders

i had an irresistible urge to buy a vintage matchbox holder today and the best were to be found on etsy - where you can find various types made of tin, wood, bronze, etc...tho the tin ones are my favourate.  i'm pretty sure we don't have wall hanging types like this here in the UK - they seem to be particular to the US and i'm sorely tempted to learn how to make them as i think they are fab. i eventually went for this red  beauty for my kitchen....
and another one for my bathroom.  why you may ask....well, its a top tip for nasty niffs from a friend's trip to thailand (& particularly unsavoury toilet trips after too hot & spicy meals...ha ha)...just light up a match! oh dear, i think i have gone slightly bonkers with these latest purchases....

Monday, 29 November 2010

historical pooches

i love this regal looking puppy art from Belgian artist thierry poncelet spotted via lost at e minor....ohhh what i would give to have one of these fine fellows on my wall...

foxy foxy

i've been spotting Mr Fox around quite a bit here and here and even in my garden and have spotted these fab photos by Martin Usborne (via Londonist) of a stuffed fox posed in various places around London...brilliant. i love that Martin is also the proud owner of a cute as a button miniature schnauzer...my dream dog.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

shed chic

ooh...i might need to check this book shed chic by sally coulthard out for some inspiration...spotted via patchwork harmony.  tho for the true "sheddie" i think the best place to go is probably readers sheds for the true enthusiast!

animal magic

absolutely love this design by paperboy wallpaper - it comes in both wallpaper (too good for little boys!) and fabric - see the cushions...i want want want!

home inspiration2

more loveliness via patchwork harmony


its getting really really chilly here in London, with temperatures going below zero and threats of snow imminent. with the leaves falling  from the trees its all looking rather bare - but beautiful still.  reminds me of this postcard i picked up on my recent visit to the Russell Cotes Museum in Bournemouth.  the painting is An Autumn Idyll by Leeds born  John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893) who was also rather partial to that Victorian habit of fairy painting.  he sometimes used a camera obscure to project images onto canvas and also mixed things like sand into his paints. i think they are very lovely.
and here it is beside my beautiful yellow Roberts radio...which is also rather lovely.

cath kidston's home

spotted these photos of cath kidston's home via the wonderful patchwork harmony blog.  i know exactly where it is from the sight of that tall towerblock as i've walked past it many times.  i am loving the details - especially the loo wallpaper!  which reminds me...i wanted to get  this fab fondue set...yummmm

home inspiration

have just discovered great blog patchwork harmony (who also have a fab home accessories shop) and its full of beautiful and inspiring stuff.  i have total home envy....
it could take me a while to go through old posts...but aren't these just dreamy.....[sigh]....thankyou patchwork harmony!


i am looking at sheds/summer houses/garden offices.  i desperately need an extra room for crafting, storing and just as a nice little suntrap to sit in during the summer months.  admittedly i am also thinking that various children of friends who come to stay would no doubt love to camp out in one (i might even be tempted myself if i get a nice comfy blow up bed!).  these are the faves i have found so far...decisions, decisions.

1. Windsor gardenroom shed combi
10'1  x 8'2 ft for £979

2. Billy-Oh Huntsman Log Cabin
11 x 9 ft for £999.95  

3. Billy-Oh Brighton Garden Office
11 x 9 ft for £999.95

4. Billy-Oh Paris Garden Office
11 x 9 for £849.95

5. Billy-Oh Sportsman Log Cabin
11 x 9 ft for £849
 i am more inclined towards the more contemporary Windsor (1) but it may not actually be large enough...tho it does have that nifty little side shed!  HELP!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

up, up and away...into the blue

wouldn't this make a lovely tattoo....from here spotted via my new fave blog krisatomic mind you so would this horsey from melinda josie (via the same post).