Thursday, 4 November 2010

a beautifull fall day in north London

 Regents Park

 fountain on the Broad Walk

 secret squirrel!!!

just back from a day out wandering through a warm and wonderful autumnal London.  i decided to take a stroll through Regents Park this afternoon and was speechless with the stunning russet reds, golds and greens of the leaves - some still hanging to the branches, but most now being swept to the floor by the gusts of wind whipping through the trees.
 along the Regents Canal

 St Mark's

 Primrose Hill

heading past Primrose Hill i ended up at fantastic and fascinating Peter Blake curated exhibition at The Museum of Everything - full of curiosities, circus freaks and wonders of the world - it was like a hoarders dream - so naturally i was in heaven.  photos were prohibited but here are a few from Amelia's Magazine's review.  it is utterly fantastical and well worth a visit (unless you suffer from coulrophobia - fear of clowns) and for a pound you can have a delicious cuppa tea served in quaint old flowered crockery.
Girl by Ted Wilcox (embroidered)

Squirrels Boxing by Natasha Thompson
i then stopped at Trojka the Russian tea room and restaurant on Regents Park Road (full of matroyshka dolls) for a plate of yummy scrambled eggs with mushrooms on rye bread - tho next time I will definitely sample some of their caviar and blinis.

also spotted a few Banksy's (currently being pursued by his north London nemesis King Robbo)...but my money's on this cheeky Alfsie chappy as the next big thing!
then it was back home via Camden and past Cecil Sharp House...home of english folk dance and song society only in north London!

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