Saturday, 20 November 2010

Made in Brighton

the fabulous Royal Pavillion

Brighton Pier
just back from a lovely sunny day at the seaside.  i received a free ticket to the Made craft fair in Brighton from artist gillian bates so popped down on the train for the afternoon.  the craft fair was great - i got to meet in person a few lovely ladies who's work i have bought, admired and wanted and i also managed to get hold of a few early christmas presents.
 gillian bates

i then strolled down to the pebble beach, along the shore and then up the lanes to do a bit of shopping, spotted a few bits of street art (including my beloved Trellick Tower) and some rather disturbing teddy abuse....
a woman needs a man like a prawn needs a bicycle...but how else is he sposed to get to work?
teddy abuse...pure and simple...he doesn't look happy (he doesn't look sober!)
casette lord...he gets about a bit
never far from home...Trellick Tower!
then headed back down to the pier to watch the spectacular autumn display of roosting starlings...and a beautiful almost full moon ....awesome.
 then it was back on the train to London town....oh i do miss the seaside....*sigh*

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