Tuesday, 31 May 2011

lighten up

so beautiful...but if i can't have three...do i want one?
am torn over making a decision about lighting in my new kitchen (currently a work in progress) and tho i have been daydreaming for a while now about owning a fabulous Tom Dixon copper pendant -at a whopping £320 its a bit out of my price range.  i've also just remembered i had wanted one of Jake Phipps' spiffing bowlers (cheaper at £155) when i spotted it at a design festival a few years ago....hmmmm....and i think perhaps the titfer might fit better as the other is quite large....its just not terribly kitchen-y and probably won't give out a great deal of light!

what a catch, what?
i was also rather tempted by these Benjamin Hubert labware lovelies when I saw them a while ago...but i think they might be overdoing it slightly...and i'm bound to bang my bonce.  naturally if money (and space) were no object i would def invest in one of these!
perfect for experimentation.......

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

hot [mattresses] in the city

triple goodness (sofa, bike, mattress!) on the corner of Pembridge Villas, W2
collecting a crop - outside my workplace in Mornington Crescent, NW1
just a few i've spotted lately...and one from Kate in Bruxelles!
mattress with beer - only in Belgium! Chaussée de Wavre, Brussels
and just a few other hotties.....
alright duckie! in Regents Park yesterday
what a shiny orangey beauty! by Gladstone Park, NW10

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Thursday, 19 May 2011

sweet peonies

the sweet pink peonies are in bloom in my garden so i snipped a few this morning to brighten up the house....and i just spotted this gorgeous peony illustration by kris atomic via a cup of jo - so cute!


flytalk...on my breadbin a few minutes ago.....
an homage to the brilliant flytalk by modern toss

Fly Talk - Modern Toss from 12foot6 on Vimeo.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

off me rocker

how gorgeous are these fab rockers from oddlimited - i would soooo love to have one in my garden...even if it would look slightly out of place in mattressland...maybe i could make my own version out of abandoned mattresses and a few sheets fashioned into a tent...

wobbly weekend

the two Peter Pans...
Bart & his beatbox!
Tom & Bart...cutest couple!
met up with lovely Bart & Tom, over from Brussells for a weekend in London, on Friday evening for a picnic in Kensington Gardens.  lots of yummy grub from Whole Foods and a bunch of vodka cocktails later we walked over towards Regents Park (Bart drawing lots of attention as he was sporting my vintage yellow Roberts Radio, blasting tunes beatbox stylie the whole way) and for a few G&Ts at the artichoke on Albany Street - such a fun evening but i was seriously inebriated and had to cycle home! it was my 2nd or 3rd time whizzing round the Park's Inner Circle (and thinking how strange it was that there were so many white cars with only one rear light working parked there that night - till i twigged it was the same one every time) and seeing the BT Tower in front of me for the 3rd time that really hit home how drunk I was...oh dear!
spotted on my drunken cycle home - Arlington Road, NW10
on Saturday my mum and I made a trip to Ikea to FINALLY purchase my new kitchen - which should be delivered and installed within the next 2-3 weeks - very exciting.  i also managed to purchase two fab (& very cheap at £20 each) plastic garden chairs...which look more like teeth to me!  and spotted a mattress right opposite my house.
i call it....urban tooth decay...
opposite my front door on Park Parade, NW10

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


a snippet of one of Rick Warden's pieces on display at the Tricycle - i spy JOHNNY ALUCARD (in the bath!) from Dracula AD 1972 - a personal favourite!
i was over at the Tricycle in Kilburn the other night to catch a film and was intrigued by current exhibition NOSTALGICart & DigiPics by  Rick Warden (memorable as demon Astaruth in the BBC's cheery exorcism tv drama series 'Apparitions' - tho he's done a lot more!).  the NOSTALGICart part of the exhibition came from memories of his childhood top trump card obsession -  begun anew as he has now managed to search out and complete the sets he coveted in the school playground - absolutely LOVE the Dracula piece (sadly not for sale as its obviously his personal favourite).
my brother would so love this one made from the horror top trumps cards

in 'Apparitions' Father Jacob (Martin Shaw) sends demon Astaruth (Rick Warden) packing - despite the extreme blood loss and levitation he still doesn't rate high enough for his own top trump horror card.....
the DigiPics he created by using an app on his iphone, then made digital prints and has also done a couple of oils - despite my initial reservations the vibrant colours grew on me and i actually fell in love with this one...probably cos that looks suspiciously like Trellick Tower there...anything with a bit of Trellick gets full marks in my book.  check out Rick's exhibition before it goes - on till saturday 14th May 2011.
i spy...Trellick Tower...?

Sunday, 8 May 2011

spring mattresses

popped out for a bike ride to Westbourne Grove yesterday and went a bit mad maxing the plastic. first i bought some delicious Diptyque Do Son eau de toilette - a fresh sweet fragrance of tuberose and berries - which reminds me of something, just on the tip of my...nose!  they've also created new solid perfumes too, next on shopping list...
then managed to grab a fab scarf from twenty8twelve with a gorgeous owl on it...in the sale basket (but still far more than i should have been spending) - just had to have it.
before stopping for lunch (and a bit of food shopping) at Daylesford with my mate Mandy as we sat and watched the super-rich and surgically-enhanced strolling by (same place i spotted Brigitte Nielsen with a bandaged eye last week!).
jersey royals and fresh eggs from Daylesford - thats dinner & brekkie covered!
on the way home i spotted a mattress in all its green finery and my mate Luke in South London also sent me one he spotted down Crystal Palace way...stripeylicious!
green with envy on Herbert Road, NW10
a neat little set up in Crystal Palace

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Vogue LOVES mattresses

OHMYGOD....just bought my brand spanky new copy of Vogue (June) and what do i find inside but a mattress centrefold (model: Raquel Zimmermann, Photographer: josh olins)...what a HOTTIE...the love surely is spreading! oh...and here's a couple more i've spotted IRL (in real life) out on my bicycle the last couple of days...
totally perving over this cutie on Purves Road, NW10
all trussed up on Mortimer Road, NW10