Tuesday, 10 May 2011


a snippet of one of Rick Warden's pieces on display at the Tricycle - i spy JOHNNY ALUCARD (in the bath!) from Dracula AD 1972 - a personal favourite!
i was over at the Tricycle in Kilburn the other night to catch a film and was intrigued by current exhibition NOSTALGICart & DigiPics by  Rick Warden (memorable as demon Astaruth in the BBC's cheery exorcism tv drama series 'Apparitions' - tho he's done a lot more!).  the NOSTALGICart part of the exhibition came from memories of his childhood top trump card obsession -  begun anew as he has now managed to search out and complete the sets he coveted in the school playground - absolutely LOVE the Dracula piece (sadly not for sale as its obviously his personal favourite).
my brother would so love this one made from the horror top trumps cards

in 'Apparitions' Father Jacob (Martin Shaw) sends demon Astaruth (Rick Warden) packing - despite the extreme blood loss and levitation he still doesn't rate high enough for his own top trump horror card.....
the DigiPics he created by using an app on his iphone, then made digital prints and has also done a couple of oils - despite my initial reservations the vibrant colours grew on me and i actually fell in love with this one...probably cos that looks suspiciously like Trellick Tower there...anything with a bit of Trellick gets full marks in my book.  check out Rick's exhibition before it goes - on till saturday 14th May 2011.
i spy...Trellick Tower...?

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  1. I just discovered this and was really chuffed you a) caught the show and b) got something out of it. Perhaps you and I are in the same demographic!