Tuesday, 31 May 2011

lighten up

so beautiful...but if i can't have three...do i want one?
am torn over making a decision about lighting in my new kitchen (currently a work in progress) and tho i have been daydreaming for a while now about owning a fabulous Tom Dixon copper pendant -at a whopping £320 its a bit out of my price range.  i've also just remembered i had wanted one of Jake Phipps' spiffing bowlers (cheaper at £155) when i spotted it at a design festival a few years ago....hmmmm....and i think perhaps the titfer might fit better as the other is quite large....its just not terribly kitchen-y and probably won't give out a great deal of light!

what a catch, what?
i was also rather tempted by these Benjamin Hubert labware lovelies when I saw them a while ago...but i think they might be overdoing it slightly...and i'm bound to bang my bonce.  naturally if money (and space) were no object i would def invest in one of these!
perfect for experimentation.......

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