Saturday, 4 June 2011

visitors of the foxy kind

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i know foxes have a bad name these days (tho thankfully they are no longer worn round people's necks!) but i just love seeing them roaming the urban streets & gardens and am thrilled to bits that i have a pair of cute little cubs who seem to love playing in my garden at the moment.
my visiting fox cubs....
as its currently full of kitchen rubbish and new fence posts they're treating it a bit like an obstacle course and they kept me awake most of last night running around like maniacs and jumping up and down, tails flying and little ears silhouetted in the darkness.  as the sun came up at 4am i managed to snap a few (fuzzy) pics on my iphone - not great quality but you can see them and as they heard my phone clicking away they kept sitting and staring up at me - so cute!  i shall really miss them because, of course, once the new fence is up they probably won't be able to get in - tho i am sorely tempted (as suggested by a few friends) to create a fox-flap!  in the meantime i might need something to remind me of my little furry friends....
so i guess i might just have to get one of these lovely lush designs lampshades - they even have a new fox & cubs one, along with the original foxy version.
or maybe even a nice cushion, mug or tray....lovely.

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