Tuesday, 1 June 2010

margate meltdown!

spent a brilliant day on the Kent coast at the Margate Meltdown organised by London's ace cafe - total biker heaven! the day started brilliantly as we drove down with Led Zep blaring on the car stereo.  the weather wasn't perfect as the sun decided not to show its face in typical bank holiday fashion  (the grey skies matched the moody grey sea) tho the company was and once we got to Margate everyone agreed with me that it is a fab place, with great potential, and they can see why i'm thinking of relocating. i definitely have a real good feeling about this hidden gem, not only because of the beach, sea, the turner contemporary (currently being built) and great old town...but also just cos the local people are so friendly and chatty - i think i'd feel right at home! so we enjoyed the bikefest, checked out the local arts & crafts, sampled some delicious ice-cream, visited the fantastic traditional carters steam fair and watched the crazy kids getting soaked in the sea - a good day was had by all and a good sleep when we got home from all that fresh air and laughter...the best medicine.


  1. You're right about the potential. You should also take a look at Ramsgate on the south side of the island though. A beautiful beach and harbour, 950 listed buildings, much less scuzzy, but only ten minutes from Margate.

    And no, I am not an estate agent!

  2. Or better still Broadstairs which is nicer than both . Richard neglected to mention it for some strange reason