Tuesday, 29 June 2010

bonnie lass

Faye Dunnawaye really is one hot chick...especially in 1967 Arthur Penn movie Bonnie & Clyde co-starring Warren Beatty....and this massive poster is fab (as spotted on mishy lane)...ha ha...kinda reminds me that an ex of mine always used to say, after inevitably spending longer than me dressing, upon leaving the house "yeah, but does it look good with a gun?" before striking a ridiculous pose....somehow he never quite pulled it off like this...


  1. HAHA! "does it look good with a gun" I love it.

    Glad you are enjoying my blog. Great to find yours. Very lovely xx

  2. ha ha ...yes it always made me laugh...i shoulda kept hold of that joker with his crazy posing!

    love your blog...thanks for liking mine!