Sunday, 28 March 2010

Night of the Hunter

just been to see the Charles Laugton directed (the only film he ever did - a tragedy as its genius) 1955 classic Night of the Hunter starring Robert Mitchum, Shelly Winters and [sigh] Lilian Gish.  not seen it for a few years and of course it was as magical and scary as ever.  double treat because it was introduced by the wonderful Mark Rylance (as part of the Flicker Club at the Lexi cinema) who read from the book (totally mesmerising) AND got the audience up and dancing to some Robert Mitchum recorded calypso tunes. nice.  however, i could hardly concentrate as sat directly in the seat in front of me of my cinematic heros...Nicolas Roeg!!!  at the end of the movie as everyone mingled and shmoozed (i counted at least 3 soap actors, John Simm and several other b-list actor types) there was the thrill of watching Nic Roeg and Mark Rylance shake hands....please, please, please let this be the start of a collaboration.....heaven...

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