Friday, 4 December 2009

London Theatah....

went to see Debbie Allen's (her off Fame) new all-black production of  Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  last night at the Novello Theatre.  tho it didn't quite have the steaminess you'd expect from Tenessee Williams - it was a fantastic cast including Darth Vader himself, James Earl Jones, and yer one from the Cosbys, Phylicia Rashad - but the outstanding performance was from Sanaa Lathan as Maggie, who was smokin...shame the same couldn't be said of Adrian Lester as Brick - but he could never match Paul Newman's brutal sexuality and irresistableness - would've liked to have seen Terence Howard play Brick in the Broadway run too - bet he'd've pulled it off.  it was a great production tho and well worth the trek into to town (despite feeling full of cold and wanting to stay in bed!).

i do have to add tho that my top fave play for this year is still Jez Butterworth's Jerusalem with the fantastic Mark Rylance...which i saw in July at the Royal Court and is re-opening at the Appollo Theatre in January 2010....go see LIVE CHICKENS on stage!

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