Tuesday, 30 August 2011


a few Japanese visitors came to work a couple of weeks ago and i was asked to organise visits to some of our services.  i was delighted to help out and after visiting a few places (with me going a bit overboard and not only giving them info about the services, but also historical facts about the buildings and the nearest shopping areas) they came to our HQ for a lovely lunch.  one of the visitors (all doctors and professors from Kyushu University in Nagasaki) had asked if she could bring anything from Japan for me and after a few refusals (we're not supposed to accept gifts) i eventually told her about my love of doraemon the little ear-less robotic cat from the future (i used to have a moneybank of him as i had learned about him whilst living in Malaysia as a child). when she arrived with a bag chock-full of doraemon goodies i was absolutely thrilled - so sweet of her!

doraemon first appeared as a manga character in 1969 and stories revolve around this little blue robotic cat who comes from the future to visit a small boy called Nobita, in order to teach him life lessons and about environmental issues.  doraemon lost his ears when a mouse ate them (eek?!) but the thing i love most about him is that he has a secret pouch on  his belly from which he produces amazing gadgets like a whirly bamboo helicopter that he puts on his head to fly and the "anywhere door"....which allows him to go anywhere, at any time...surely THE best and most useful gadget EVER (and one i fantasize about owning every time i want to get home after a late night out!).

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