Monday, 12 December 2011

Modern Toss

Modern Toss show @ Imitate Modern Gallery til Sunday 18th December 2011
i have long held a soft spot for the modern toss boys, so was really excited when i heard they were popping up to town for a live portrait session at their new show at the Imitate Modern Gallery in Devonshire Street on sunday.  i bundled up against the cold and caught a bus down just in time to be 4th in queue (which was snaking out the door as i left) and after a quick chat with Jon, came away with a fab little portrait in my grubby mitts...and for only a fiver...what a bargain.
i'm ready for my close up....mind the step yeah i look like that...ha ha ha...brilliant likeness
whilst there, everyone was keen to have a go on the fab Periodic Table of Swearing (a print of which my dear mate Kate bought us each when she was over last christmas and gives us literally minutes of stupid fun on facebook as we throw coded insults back and forth) - it definitely raised a titter or two out of the waiting queue - how i'd love to have this in my house ha ha!
the Periodic Table of Swearing
the all important button...

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