Monday, 2 January 2012


"Brian" Pigeon - getting his New Year freak on ready for the party
bit late i know...and i have lots of posts to catch up on....but just a quickie to bring in 2012. i'm only just recovering from the new year's party darn in sarf london that me and my bird got tarted up for in our best gold millinery (the bird went as Brian Pigeon).  it took us nearly 2 hours to get over the river to Crystal Palace, due to the bloody buggery fireworks and the resulting roadblocks along the Embankment, but we soon caught up with the crowd once we'd arrived at Russ's place.
we come baring gifts....
a scottish new year tradition - bringing coal for warmth, a biscuit so you may never go hungry and salt for wealth
it was a small but perfectly formed gathering of south and north london types with food and beveradges provided - we brought a proper northern gift (see above), more booze and i even whipped up a salmon mousse (admittedly it was more of a salmon dip tho as i couldn't quite figure out the gelatin ratio to the recipe my mum gave me - but still delicious, i was assured). i made a few jugs of the christmas cocktail (champagne, elderflower liqueur & gin - killer and delicious) and we had a real blast, managing to stagger home a few hours after the big countdown [great big] thanks to John, who didn't drink so he could drove us there and back, bless his cottons.
Noreen - proving that Bublé's bubble may have burst but his baubles look fab on Russ's tree* (*Russ worked on the MB xmas special, so these truly are Michael Bublé's Baubles!)
oi Judy, you knicked my bird?!
Saint John of the Immaculate Driving Skills (thanks for getting us there and back - we LOVE you!)
january first was a bit of a write off (banging headache - it was that "Cin Gin" Debra brought that did me in!) so only made it out for the annual constitutional today as Judy & i headed up to Hampstead Heath. the sun was shining and the views stunning - just a shame that it was absolutely rammed with people, the walk past Kenwood House was like Oxford Street on its busiest shopping day.  so we ended up going to the Black Lion pub in Kilburn for a late lunch - very cosy and filling but i really DO NOT approve of the latest craze in pubs with these DIY Bloody Marys - if i pay, you make it (especially at £6 a pop - shocking!).
spotted en route to the Heath on West End Lane, NW6 - the signs said "please take, mattresses from the Savoy" posh!
the lake at Kenwood
perfect footwear....
Kenwood House
what a lovely day to start the new year (if a bit later for me than the rest of the planet)...shame the forecast is rain and gales tomorrow...just in time to go back to work, cheers thanks very much!

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