Thursday, 20 May 2010

mattress spotting

been a while since i updated the mattress-spotting in finest mattressland (and thereabouts) here's a few of the latest.  there seem to have been rather a lot of abandonmentsin one particularly road lately...

10th March 2010 - Leghorn Rd, NW10

11th March 2010 - Leghorn Rd, NW10

 25th March 2010 - Leghorn Rd, NW10
26th March - Leghorn Road, NW10

25th April 2010- Leghorn Road, NW10

 5th May 2010 - on the way to vote - Leghorn Road, NW10

15th May 2010 - still there...

17th May 2010 - home after a weekend away and there to greet me - Leghorn Road, NW10


and now for some other roads.......!!

this one on Longstone Ave, NW10 on the 14th March...which begs the question....why is he sleeping on the sofa when there's a perfectly good mattress nearby??!

 27th March 2010 - spotted on a visit to nearby Kilburn - Glengall Road, NW6

  31st March 2010 - these didn't even make it back into the shop - Harlesden High Road, NW10

3rd April 2010 - a trip to Bristol, home from home!

9th April 2010 - back home - Wrottesley Road, NW10

21st April 2010 - a trip to France...not technically abandoned but still felt compelled to record it - Flayosc, France

 2nd May 2010 - inaugural bike ride - Harlesden Road, NW10
2nd May 2010 - and another one - Harlesden Road, NW10

2nd May 2010 - and - Churchill Road, NW10

3rd May 2010 - on my 2nd bike ride lots of spotting - Waldo Road, NW10

3rd May 2010 - Rigley Road, NW10

  3rd May 2010 - Maximum Speed Mattress - Channel Gate Road, NW10
5th May 2010 - banged up - Inwood Park, Hounslow (near work)

10th May 2010 - teeny tiny mattress - Station Road, NW10

11th May 2010 - from the bus - Scrubbs Lane, NW10
12th May - near work - Hounslow
12th May - live in mattressland, work in mattressland clearly - Hounslow again

17th May - cycling home from the Lexi - Liddell Gardens, NW10

and people wonder WHY i say i live in MATTRESSLAND??!!

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