Thursday, 13 May 2010

top five bicycle acessories

i want one of many long till christmas!

(1)  a shed - like this Wayne Hemingway designed for B&Q bike shed - either the Shack Up Bike In A Box Honey or even at a push the Tridoorbikestore Shack Up

(2)  or failing that one of these cycloc bike storage doodads...available here (£59.95)

(3)  a carradice saddle bag as spotted via lovely bicycle blogspot available in olive and black (£40+)

(4)  tho i am rather partial to a this Basil Rosa Double (£54)

(5) and last but not least a helmet like this rather spiffy Mr Ben Bowler at Bobbin Bicycles (£195), or the lovely magenta or dotty Bern Muse (around £50) or a groovy yakkay (around £95)

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