Monday, 5 July 2010

summer mattress lovin'

i haven't posted my mattress-spottings for a's the latest crop...there have been quite a number lately...could it be the summer lovin' wearing them all out?!
 spotted on a bike ride - Harlesden Road, NW10 (20.05.10)

Buckingham Road, NW10 (22.05.10)

Longstone Ave, NW10 (30.05.10)

Wendover Road, NW10 (04.06.10)

Harlesden Road, NW10 (06.06.10)

again on Harlesden Road, NW10...look what you get..all this... (06.06.10)

Lushington Road, NW10 (07.06.10)

Holland Road, NW10 (07.06.10)

Holland Road, NW10 (21.06.10)

from my bedroom window - Park Parade, NW10 (24.06.10)

Leghorn Road, NW10 (24.06.10) 

Furness Road, NW10 (28.06.10)

Ridley Road, NW10 (28.06.10)

spotted this just after i was bumped by a car while on my bike...Holland Road, NW10 (01.07.10)

these were spotted outta town (well outta mattressland NW10 anyway!)...
out the back of Dreamland, Margate (31.05.10)

Fleetwood Road, NW2 (06.06.10)

Anson Road, NW2 (06.06.10)

 Portobello Road (07.06.10)

OH YEAH...that worked....Warwick Road, SW6 (10.06.10)

spotted in EC1 (15.06.10)

 Ruskin Road, Isleworth (11.06.10)
Isleworth (11.06.10)

Lancaster Road, W11 (12.06.10)

happy 4 July all you yanks out there...Askew Road, W12 (04.07.10)

coooooool rider.....Ormiston Grove, W12 (04.07.10) 

Yew Tree Road, W12 (04.07.10)

there have been quite a few near work recently...Hounslow may be the new mattress graveyard...
Maswell Park, Hounslow (21.05.10)

Inwood Road, Hounslow (22.05.10)
in my lunch break...London Road, Hounslow (16.06.10)

both at the back of Prince Regent Road, Hounslow (02.07.10)

here's a couple of likely lads actually REMOVING a mattress (23.06.10)

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