Saturday, 5 February 2011

mattresses down under!

i've been a bit slack with the mattress-spotting these days as i'm stuck indoors mostly attempting to pack up the entire contents of the ground floor of my flat (in readiness for some building work being carried out in my kitchen next week).  it is taking an eternity because (a) i'm doing it alone (i'm too embarassed of all the mess and junk to ask for help from anyone) and (b) as my mum keeps saying - i have the contents of a 3-bedroomed house crammed into a 1-bedroomed flat! i'm a terrible hoarder...but i digress....
i was delighted to have 5 minutes to log onto my laptop tonight and find an email from Sydney based blogger the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things with some mattresses from Down Under!
she very kindly sent me photos she'd snapped at her neighbourhood charity shops (they're called "op shops" in Australia and look like fine hunting ground for pre-loved mattresses).  how wonderful that once used they are not left alone, sad and abandoned in the streets - but given a new lease of life (presumably as long as they are in tip-top condition - lets face it, most of the mattressland ones wouldn't cut the mustard!).  ha ha...brilliant - the mattress-love is spreading and aren't they lovely looking mattresses...such great shots too! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 
photos by likkle girl
#1 to #4 from the Salvation Army op shop at Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney
#5 from the Salvation Army op shop at Oxford Street, Darlinghurst,  Sydney

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