Friday, 18 February 2011


i've been dying to go to Pebbles at Winchelsea Beach in East Sussex for a long time now.  i've even told a couple of friends who have been before I have!  now my mate Emma's hubby has instructed her he has lots of work to do and has suggested she go away somewhere to spend half term with her 2 little'uns.  she's looking at a few places and she has invited me along for company as she thinks she might need some help (no, not with the kids - with the requisite drinking of wine and smoking fags of an evening!).  i've suggested Pebbles (2 double bedrooms & a 2 min walk from the door to the beach) as they mentioned on their facebook group that it might be free. fingers crossed - but, if not, i will have to go another time and i'm sure wherever we end up we will have a blast!

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