Friday, 29 April 2011

right royal mattresses

i know just how that little girl feels....ha ha!
i woke up this morning with a bit of a continuing bah humbug attitude to the royal shindig (which is costing us millions or billions or just 62p each, depending on who you believe), convinced that the majority of flag-waiving types thronging into town to witness the spectacle are in fact non-Brit tourist types who've flown in from Australia/South Africa/etc, and that the only thing the Brits are happy about is that they have a day off and (yet) another excuse for a party - as if we need one! but i was determined not to sit with my eyes glued to the telly, when the whole thing was going on just down the road - so i hopped on my bike and decided i would cycle until i heard the roaring crowds or the hordes became unbearable - whichever came first.  it was a cyclist's dream as the streets were fairly deserted and as i headed down to Kensington Gardens i managed to spot a few mattresses!
not very regal...Bathurst Gardens, NW10
fit for a queen...Ashburnham Road, NW10
a smidge smarter as we get closer to town...Inverness Terrace, W2

i got as far as home of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment before deciding to turn around, but i'd arrived in perfect timing and witnessed the gee-gees on their return to the barracks - fantastic - just the right amount of pomp (and horse poop) for me. 
home of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment
here come the gee-gees....
a bit of pomp and a lot of [horse] poop
is that an axe i spy? off with her head!
i pootled back through the park and sat beside the Serpentine Lake and watched the RAF flypast before heading over to Westbourne Grove for brunch at delicious Daylesford - where i had Eggs Royale (natch) and bought some yummy Myrrh-scented candles and spotted some gorgeous pooches outside Tom's, then a quick pitstop in Portobello to say hello to Judy and Patricia and then through the Avenues where lots of street parties are taking place - finally followed by another pitstop in Minkies for a fresh orange juice and (not a royal) cupcake and a glass or two of champagne and lovely chitchat at Love KR.
the RAF flypast over the Serpentine....
regal pooches outside Tom's deli in Westbourne Grove
yes, you are a most handsome devil!
...but you're still not getting my worm
royal eggs, eggs royale at Daylesford
street party - Kilravock Street, W10
royal cupcakes at Minkies!
 home now and just checking how our friends over the pond report the whole shebang via E! which is just hysterical - their royal "pundits" being Angela Rippon (fave 70s/80s newsreader, who famously did a high-kicking dance routine on Morecombe & Wise) and Dermot O'Leary (who will forever be linked with Big Brother's Little Brother and used to drink in one of my local pubs). they seem to be loving the [frankly bloody hideous] fashions sported by most of the wedding guests. i'm sorry but the York girls look atrocious and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson looks like her nose has finally collapsed.  amazingly (for me to say so) Victoria Beckham probably looked the best....the rest...the horror, the horror!
the York girls, looking frightful (one looks like she has Alien attached to her head)
Tara and her amazing collapsing nose
the Beckhams...and for once Victoria, I approve.
and so ...its all over ...until its repeated ad nauseum on telly for the next 500 days...but just to finish off here's a few more mattresses from the last few days...and for what its worth, i hope the royal couple have a lump-free mattress tonight!
Holland Road, NW10
Bathurst Gardens, NW10

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