Tuesday, 26 April 2011

sunday spotting

the pub is...deceased...it is no more....the flats will have a great view of Trellick tho..
location for Withnail & I pub scene...
"two large gins, two pints of cider. ice in the cider"
it's been scorching hot weather here in London over the last few days - amazing for a bank holiday, and even more amazing for April. i spent most of it in the garden soaking up the rays but did pop out for a little bike ride down to Portobello for brunch on sunday with a pal at the wonderful tabernacle in Powis Square (delicious eggs royale at a very reasonable price).  on the way home we strolled back behind Westbourne Park and right past the big hole where the famous Tavistock/Babushka's pub used to stand.  very sad to see it has been pulled down (for more posh flats) as this little tavern was not only the location for the 'Mother Black Cap' scene in 1987 classic Withnail & I - but also the scene of a significant "hook-up" of my own!  that relationship didn't last either - but it was a memorable meeting and this was a memorable boozer for many a rockin' night.  ahhh..good times...anyway - cycled back home along the canal, red-faced and burnt to a crisp and then spotted a mattress soaking up the rays in mattressland.
soaking up the sun on Station Road, NW10

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