Monday, 31 October 2011

The Black Feather

The Black Feather, 2011
yesterday i visited the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead and i am now the proud owner of this stunning Lee Madgwick (oil & acrylic on canvas) painting.  i can't quite believe it as i have been wanting one for a while now and missed out getting the one i wanted at last year's AAF.  all thanks to the brilliant Own Art scheme which allows you to spread the cost of your payment and take the piece home with you straight away (and who i am now indebted to for the next few years!).  the painting is just breathtaking - photographs do not do it justice - the haunting light, the beady eye of the crow following you around the room and the detailing on the trees and blades of grass - like an intense acid trip.  its certainly not to everyone's taste (my folks will no doubt hate it) but i love it and am feeling quite emotional that its actually mine to look at every day.  funnily, i have just realised that on the walls that face me as i sit on my sofa i have three paintings of an abandoned sofa, a tower block and a dog (not on a string admittedly) starting to wonder whether your environment affects your art choices in any way...hmm...what do you think?!

the painting in situ...
one day i do hope to own another Lee Madgwick painting - i love the buildings - here's the one that got away....
The Stork Won't Talk, 2010
 check out more pics of his work here.

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