Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Affordable Art Fair 2010

just popped down to Battersea Park for the Affordable Art Fair and fell absolutely and completely in love with some amazing oil paintings by Lee Madgwick.  the photos below DO NOT do them justice as in the flesh they are simply breathtaking...full of atmosphere and mystery...stunning.  sadly the one i had my eye on (of a brick built house, on wooden stilts, in a grey ocean) was on hold for someone and while i waited, the lady decided to buy it, curses.  she bought 2 paintings and already owns 4...and during the 10 mins or so i was standing there 2 more paintings sold so Lee is definitely HOT HOT HOT right now.  i have instructed the gallery to ask if i can commission a painting with elements of water, stormy skies...and A MATTRESS of course - so i just have to wait and, fingers crossed, Lee will agree.

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