Saturday, 9 October 2010

vertical road

just back from watching Akram Khan's new production Vertical Road at Sadlers Wells...and am quite literally speechless. well almost.  i've been a huge fan of Akram Khan for over 10 years and consider myself very lucky to have seen nearly every production he has done both as a solo dancer and since he began choreographing his own company.
there's just something about this amazing man, with an amazing soul, and many times i have been moved to tears watching his work.  tonight was no exception, it was a totally mystical experience.  the choreography is spectacular - god, he makes his dancers work hard..but its stunning; the set is simple yet highly effective, especially the membrane-like curtain which the dancers periodically move behind, creating ripples with their touch; the lighting creates an otherworldly, spiritual atmosphere; the costumes are simple, beautifully flowing robes that compliment the movement of the dancers...and last, but by no means least, the score by regular collaborator Nitin just breathtaking.  the whole piece is mesmerising, moving and truly wonderful...and to think, we almost missed it due to the horrendous saturday night London traffic...thank the gods, we made it in time - this is one not to be missed!

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