Thursday, 7 October 2010


the weather's been turning a little chilly (tho admittedly today, and the forecast for tomorrow, have the temperatures in the 20s again) and the leaves are on the turn with splashes of red and rust amongst the greenery...but mostly autumn means the start of rain and greyness in London town.  one of the things we have to raise our spirits at this dismal time is the return of the fabulous Autumnwatch which starts tonight on BBC2 at 8.30pm (rubs thighs with glee a la Chris Packham). 
half the fun of watching is not only spying the wonderful wildlife and stunning British countryside (this season will be based in a county close to my heart: Dorset) but also the strange human behaviour of thigh-rubbing geek Chris Packham, bubbly excitable Kate Humble (she should have her own Humblewatch show) and floppy-haired Martin Hughes-Games (on Autumnwatch Unsprung).  i just wish it was on all year round...but no need to fret because when Autumnwatch ends we only have to wait a short while before Springwatch comes round again.  fantastic...can't wait to see all my furry friends!

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