Thursday, 7 October 2010


i just happened to stop off in House of Fraser at shopping heaven/hell Westfield (depending on how you look at it...thankfully today it was quiet, so not too hellish!) on the way home tonight.  there was a promotion of the new  perfume from award-winning makeup artist Mary Greenwell called Plum and i nearly jumped out of my skin when a lady came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder...who turned out to be Mary herself!  we had a little chat, i had a large spritz of the delicious Plum...and fell in love with this lush sweet feminine fragrance as well as the cute packaging - especially the handbag solid perfume gold ball.  i decided to wander round and see how the perfume lasted before buying any as its not cheap and resolved to put it on my christmas wish list. nearly home and i stopped at the local shop at the end of my road and the shopkeeper commented on how much he liked my new i definitely have to get some...just not sure i can wait till christmas....i have a feeling i may have to stop there again tomorrow afternoon!

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