Thursday, 28 October 2010

the "shed" gene

i think i can no longer deny that the hoskins "shed" gene has been passed on - with my grandfather this involved tinkering in the garage surrounded by jam jars full of nuts and bolts, with my father its taken the form of acquiring vintage bikes to take apart and put back together and it appears that my destiny lies in picking up odd bits of furniture off the street to recycle.  i found this stool/box on the way home and couldn't resist so balanced it precariously on the back of my bicycle and took it into the garden to begin the transformation process.  an hour later and after inhaling about 70 years worth of dust and horse-hair i regretted not wearing a mask.  

the trouble is that my potential cannot be fully realised until i have a shed/garage/studio to complete my projects as the "to finish" pile is now reaching epic proportions.  this will look lovely tho once i sand, paint and put a new foam cushion and fabric on the top - don't you think?

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