Friday, 1 October 2010


this new system of uploading photos onto Blogger is driving me INSANE!  i currently have four drafts waiting in the wings that i cannot post because the stupid uploading functin is NOT FUNCTIONING!

uploading photos just gets stuck or takes an eternity and having searched for help...i am none the wiser from the advice given by Blogger itself. 

thankfully i am not alone and this post from fellow blogger (and US TV comedy writer) ken levine has had me in stitches...especially referring to trying to find tech help from Blogger thus "if such a thing even does exist I suspect it’s easier to find Osama Bin Laden than their phone number." and "since there’s no tech help per se who reads these other than other frustrated bloggers? It has the same feel as “letters to Santa”."!!!

come on Blogger...SORT IT OUT....or i will be moving to Wordpress.

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