Monday, 13 February 2012

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David Shrigley show at the Hayward
popped down to the Hayward Gallery  to see the new David Shrigley exhibition - which was brilliant of course, though i am a long time fan.  this is the first major show of his work and its full of great pieces that are funny, poignant, insightful and playful - you can't help but titter as you walk around (though there were a few rather serious types discussing high brow ideas comparing his work to the economic breakdown, blah blah blah...somehow i think they were missing the point). as it's half term there were also a few children wandering round and, in my opinion, this is the perfect introduction to art shows because its dotted with little hidden spy holes, crawl spaces and bits and pieces at floor level - as well as some cool animation and a light smattering of naughty words - perfect for the pint-sized (and young at heart).
David Shrigley poses with his I'm Dead piece...
Lost by David Shrigley, one of my faves
DS has been known to do tattoo parlour events & a collection of fan tatts are on his site - would love one
i have wanted these for so long and at last they are mine (Salt & Pepper - £75)
on the way there i spotted this sorry looking mattress and later on Lukey Likey sent me one over from where he was in Hackney.
Pathetic...pull yourself together! (Leghorn Road, NW10)
From a distance....from Lukey Like (in Hackney)
the snow's now just about all melted here in London - only a few sad looking blobs (leftover snowmen) dotted about the gardens - still cold, bring on Spring!
cat on a cold snowy roof - view from my bedroom window earlier in the week
Misha the Penguin - enjoying a snowball in the kitchen
baking heart shaped biccies in honour of Valentines Day!

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