Wednesday, 8 February 2012

twin peaks

so i had this crazy dream the other night - you know, when you wake up wishing you could go right back into it because it was so good / freaky / hilarious.  i dreamt i was being chased into a Belgian dive bar, down some dark stairs, to the ladies loo...where i hid behind shuttered doors while dwarf (or should that be little people - sorry, not sure what is PC anymore) male bearded twins stood outside wielding whizzing silver hand was so incredibly loopy that i just wanted to go back and find out what happened!  of course the first thing that came to mind was how much it felt like a scene from Twin Peaks.  

made for television in the early 90s by David Lynch Twin Peaks became a cult hit and we all watched avidly as Agent Dale Cooper (played by Kyle MacLachlan) tried to get to the bottom of "Who killed Laura Palmer?" and where to get some 'damn fine cherry pie'.  it was like Dallas and the "Who shot JR?" obsession all over again!  anyway - the brilliantly mad storyline, freaky characters and haunting music score had us all hooked to our telly screens.
"Every day, once a day, give yourself a present" - Agent Cooper

homecoming queen...Laura Palmer
"the owls are not what they seem" - The Giant

The Man from Another Place - in the Red Room at The Black Lodge....
the reason its come to mind again is because the brilliant Design Sponge has just featured Twin Peaks in the latest Living In series. thanks to all the comments below the post i am thinking it would be a great idea to re-watch the show whilst staying at the cabin in the woods during my upcoming trip to the Smokey Mountains - i think a TP themed party could be on the cards.
"my log has something to tell you..." - Log Lady
i definitely HAVE to go as the Log Lady - with all the props available in the surrounding woods, its a must.  she was always a favourite character...but i actually physically shudder at the sight of even a photograph of the evil Bob.  the most terrifying character ever Bob gave me nightmares...and the guy who played him in the show was actually one of the set dressers that David Lynch decided to put into the show on the spur of the moment when he accidentally featured in a shot of Laura's bedroom mirror - one of many improvised parts of the show - it wouldn't be the same without him. 
speaking of Bob- i remember being in HMV record shop on Tottenham Court Road with Kate around the time Twin Peaks was being aired and her excitement at spotting a guy who was the absolute spitting image of him - despite high embarassment factor he was approached and a photograph was taken of the pair...i must find out if she still has it, it was classic.  as she is from Brussels...the connection is made back round to my whisk wielding dwarf dream...ha funny!
Bob and Agent Cooper share a moment......[shudder]
meanwhile...i've come across some great Twin Peaks related merchandise...the ever brilliant Etsy never fails to deliver...
from here

brilliant - from here
this i would definitely wear with pride...
from here
coincidentally, also, there is a David Lynch season at the BFI from the 10th February with the movie prequel Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, which depicts the 7 days prior to Laura Palmer's murder, showing on the 11th and 22nd....i think i might have to go (with log, natch).

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