Monday, 13 August 2012

garden update

as the jubilations and celebrations come to an end (apart from the Paralympics!) i finally bought something patriotic.  picked up this fab deckchair on sale in Argos (£17.99) today and spent a few hours in the garden reading in the sun...till it started we go again.  its good for the flowers tho.....
my Borage plants, grown from seed, are coming along nicely and i picked some of the lovely blue flowers today and popped them in an ice cube tray - apparantly they have a cucumber flavour so should be perfect for gin & tonics later!
couldn't resist a spoonful
and while the rain drizzled i ran inside to whip up a rhubarb and ginger sort of soft crumbly cake, which i'm looking forward to eating after my bowl of mussels. tonight i am rather spoiling myself it seems!
finally using [yet another useless thing i tend to buy] the silver mussel grabber!

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