Friday, 31 August 2012

whats happened lately.....

message of the day...from the minibar!
Mandy pops over and gets a noseful of my sweatpeas
and a few glasses of wine & giggles
my last day at work so i treat everyone to Krsipy Kremes
and they buy me some pressies and flowers
making strawberry rum ice lollies
manage to spill a fair bit down the counter (of course i licked it!)
ready to take to the outdoor cinema
with Noreen & Michael at Somerset House

me and Judy enjoying drinks and eats...
waiting for the film to begin...
shame the first film was a BIG disappointment ...but the 2nd one of the Chemical Brothers in concert was a great chance to bop...hands in the air, with the crowd
the sun's been out a few times...briefly
Carnival came and went....
i popped to my brother's for a party (and made it home in one piece, slightly worse for wear, on my bike!)
great seeing old friends and making new...Ollie the barman was a big hit!

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