Monday, 8 October 2012

Blue Skies Two

Whilst visiting Goodwood we stayed at Blue Skies (where I had stayed the previous February with Emma, Rex and Greta) in the house of a friend of Emma's in East Preston/Angmering. Its a lovely big old homely house with a path from the back door to the beach - so we spent lots of time walking along the sea shore and the weather was glorious.
Blue Skies from the back
the path to the sea.....
the shingle beach

my mum and dad - in the breakfast room
while the folks went to Goodwood - I ventured out and walked to Littlehampton
a stunning stroll...
with the obligatory beach huts!
Thomas Heatherwick designed East Beach Cafe
lunch is fish and chips at Fred's
and ice cream for pudding!
even spotted a Littlehampton mattress!

My Mum & Dad had to leave on the Saturday night as they were driving to France the following day so Jo, Zoe and Zak came down from London for the night and following day.  More walks on the beach, another trip to Littlehampton and some fairground rides - a fantastic weekend away.  I love it there and can't wait to return.
waiting for the London crowd to arrive - what a perfect spot to read my book
the lounge
and by the way...this was my bedroom with a view...gorgeous!
morning! Jo & Zoe have a giggle and a morning cuppa before we head out
Zak having fun on the "do not climb" irresistable climbing things!
ha ha ha!
its got to be done!
bye bye Blue Skies...till next time!

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