Tuesday, 15 March 2011

mattress match

the highly desirable Mr Fridge, Mornington Crescent NW1
i think i found miss mattress's perfect match today on my way to work...meet Mr Fridge!  also spotted another beauty on Arlington Road, which is fast becoming the Leghorn Road of Camden as i've spotted a few on this road, whilst taking my lunch break.
Arlington Road, NW1
after work i took a stroll through Regents Park and past the wetlands area where i spotted several fabulous fowl, including some red-breasted geese who were, frankly, behaving like hoodies with all their squawking and pecking of the other ducks, geese and swans.  it was a nice little walk though and i ended up exiting by Baker Street to catch my bus home.
Ambika P3 Gallery on Marylebone Road
on my way to the stop i popped into the ambika p3 gallery to view the Anthony McCall exhibition - pretty amazing - felt like going into a church and i was compelled to lower my voice to a whisper when speaking to the girl sitting in the entrance, then got totally spooked as i pushed the door into the surrounding darkness and had the feeling i was about to be abducted by aliens or suffer a laser show flashback.  once in i could have stayed for hours - so peaceful - amazing considering the busy rush hour traffic was blaring past just outside the door.
a slice of heaven...far from the madding rush hour crowd

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