Saturday, 26 March 2011


just back from the March for the Alternative in London which was attended by 500,000 [mainly] peaceful people protesting against the coalition government's public spending cuts.  starting at Victoria Embankment, winding through the West End (to the confusion of many foreign tourists) and ending in Hyde Park - nurses, doctors, actors, families, pensioners, students, even the odd morris dancer, took to the streets that rang with the sound of whistles, chants and (bloody) vuvuzelas.  just a shame that a few idiot "rebels" ended up smashing windows and causing argy-bargy.  meanwhile i had my own little adventure as i ended up following some young dudes with an amp pumping wicked tunes from the back of a bicycle...i couldn't resist following the music, but sadly it turned out they were all too twisted to know where they were going and i had to leave them - but it just reminded me of the old Reclaim the Streets days - cheers for the chance to have a little bop in the streets guys!
i'm following this crowd...they have music...shame they have no clue where they are headed
we're all doomed....we're going the wrong way....
the pied piper with mini sound system strapped to the back of his bike...
aaaaaaaargh...Maggie in Soho! (image courtesy of Sharon Peppard)
i'm beginning to agree........
we have been going round in circles....away from the march....time to say goodbye to these fun fellows!

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