Sunday, 14 February 2010

homemade raspberry gin

last night i sampled some of my homemade raspberry was delish!
its easy peasy lemon squeezy to make so if you want to try this is what you will need:
1 litre gin (not too expensive, not too cheap)
1lb raspberries
1lb sugar

1. wash raspberries and place in a large bottle (i used an old olive oil demijohn - boiled clean)
2. fill with gin (i actually doubled the recipe to fill the demijohn)
3. add sugar and shake up to disolve (you may need to do this over a few days)
4. place in a cold dark place (this is the hard part) and leave for THREE MONTHS!

when its done just remove the fruit (and save for trifle-making) and enjoy (preferably from a nice crystal decanter and some sherry glasses - to be found in any charity shop cheap as chips)....lovely!

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