Sunday, 24 June 2012

great wall

the garden is blooming at the moment - have been cutting some lovely peonies and roses lately - long may they last.
my garden variety next to some shop bought!
i also managed to knuckle down and paint the nasty wall the neighbours re-rendered for me - a bit of a struggle on my own and had to be done in two goes...without the help of a tall person i had to resort to a wobbly ladder!
i've started so i'll finish....
all done...

and just before the grey rain-clouds come over!
just need to get the pots in place...looking much better our my side window though
decided to treat myself to a lovely new cocktail (roasted strawberry puree, gin & ginger - yumm!) which is delicious!
home made roasted strawberry puree
all the ingredients for a delicious summer cocktail
 meanwhile some latest mattress spottings....
just opposite the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn
and another one next door...Buckley Road NW6
Bolton Gardens, NW10 - just off the Rise
sent in by Luke - i could actually LIVE here quite happily!

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