Tuesday, 5 June 2012


since returning from my fab trip to America in April i just haven't  had the time (or the will) to post, as work has been an all-consuming hectic nightmare - less said the better...but this great little illustration from lizzie stewart  just about sums it up....
according to my iphone camera tho, there have been a few bright sparks of joy (and a lot of quite extreme weather...pouring rain one minute and scorching sunshine the next...more of the latter please!).....
first day back to work ...5 degrees & rain...not a good start!
but the herons in Regents Park seem to be enjoying the wet weather
i manage a post-work culture-fix at the David Hall '1001 TV Sets (End Piece)' exhibition at the Ambika P3 gallery...truly telly heaven, tv hell!
happily May brings RHUBARB season....and i am in a frenzy of rhubarb crumble making
not to mention rhubarb syrup making - for lish cocktails (these were made by Kate during my trip to Brux for her birthday - yum!)
Jubilee celebrations start to show up early in May....London gone mad!
Ed's birthday...glad he likes the Hatch Clown card i sent him from the Nashville trip (sadly, we didn't end up meeting in Nashville, despite us crossing continents to be in the same one for just one night only - but its the thought that counts!)
Kate comes over for a quick weekend and by no means does she "SUCK THE FUN OUT OF EVERYTHING" (as told by a thoughtless friend recently!!)
i ray of sunshine appears in May so I head to Margate and have a lovely day out with Jo, Zak & his mate Joe...Zak asks me to be his godmother...bless his cotton socks!

we visit the Turner Gallery to see the Turner exhibition - i still want to move here!
beautiful views from vast windows in the Turner
Zaki & Joe (aka the Bieber twins) muck about in the gallery!
Basil Brush looking suitably Jubilee-festive...boom boom!

i nip over on the Eurostar to Brussels for Kate's birthday and we have a fab picnic in the Parc du Cinquantenaire
Kate's mates make her a fab Kate Cake!
can't believe how much "the boys" (Ben, Dobro, Will & Santos) are growing into "men" so fast!
meanwhile Kate (& Toby reclining!) look as young as they feel...about 8 and a half!

more delicious rhubarb syrup cocktails...and the first beautiful flowers from my garden!
meanwhile Britain goes barmy for the Queen's Jubilee......but i've had enough after 4 days!
and then of course there were mattresses.....
thru the pouring rain...on the Harrow Road, NW10

down a dark alley in Crystal Palace - from Luke!
live and direct from Kate in Brussells
on Holland Road, NW10

and here's Kate herself...pointing out a mattress beauty in Brussels (on my recent trip over for her birthday!)

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