Tuesday, 5 June 2012

USA Part II - Nashvillest

Welcome to Nashville! (and the Batman building)

the main reason for our trip was to visit our good friend Randall at his home in Nashville.  he picked the posse up in Atlanta and then drove us to Whispering Hills Drive (best address ever!) where we spent a few days before heading to the Smokey Mountains, Dollywood and then back again to Nashville....
we brought Queenie....her Jubilee tour begins at Whispering Hills Drive

Randall, Kate & Santos...over at the Wilson farm.- where Randall's family make us feel SO welcome...and teach us all about "bless your heart"
Pete & Onyx
Onyx...looking a little like the bat building there boy!
Dobro releases his inner cowboy
sipping ice tea on the porch....heaven
we take the Nash Trash Tour with the brilliant Jugg Sisters!
and Santos is introduced to Cheese Whizz on crackers for breakfast!
while the adults enjoy getting trashed on Jack Daniels n' coke for breakfast!
i think i'm in heaven as we spot Sam's Mattressland near Randall's place!! 
Dollywood here we come!
stopping off in a roadside diner for breakfast...heaven

why have one burger when you can have two? Dobro is in supersize heaven!

look Bubba...its the Titanic...in Pigeon Forge!!

the Smokey Mountains do their thing as we arrive in our cabin to a rainbow view

Santos approves of the cabin

Queenie seems to like it too...she's already made a pal

my husband and i...love to sample the local tipple

one of the bugs...at Aunt Bugs's Cabin...they have no fear!

Kate & Randall...soaking up the atmos

moon over the Smokeys....

Kate and I outside Cracker Barrel (post breakfast feed...exhausted!) and by the way...i NEED a rocking chair in my life...badly!

the family hits DOLLYWOOD (and Randall covers up my attention-seeking necklace...beeeyatch!)

and this is them convincing me i HAVE to go on my first (and last) ever rollercoaster ride

i am NOT having a good time!

rain stops play...on the new ride at least!

rain don't bother us none...

look what she won!
its been at least 20 minutes since i at something fried...you look tasty Dobro!

Queenie goes to the Dixie Stampede...yeehawww!

at this point we are told "no photos allowed" and Randall informs us as the civil war themed show is about to begin that they have conveniently decided to forget that the South lost the war!
leaving the Smokey Mountains....

check out this dog and his cool ride!

barns n' fields...

and a pitstop at the awesome Minister's Treehouse in Crossville - all built by Horace Burgess...it took him 14 years


a truly awe-inspiring place and definitely one of my highlights of the trip
Randall chilling with the boys!
view from the top (nearly!)
truly truly amazing....
and just when we thought it couldn't get any better...Randall took us to see Barton Falls
nature's majesty
past some more barns....
some crazy signs...

and funny little places....

before heading back to Whispering Hills Drive for some R&R and some Purple Stuff!
out on the town...downtown Nashville
checking out the fab art deco men's restroom in the Hermitage Hotel
then to the Grand Ole' Opry...natch
the boys...takin' in a show
where the magic happens...
downtown Nash...love it!
the brilliant Hatch Print store
Randall takes the boys for a night as the Girls Go Wild!
lets start with some 'ritas!
hellooo ladies!
i blame the necklace...
it's all going Pete Tong...i know...more 'ritas!!!
i seem to be suffering from Dutch Tilt...and Kate's gone a bit blurry
off to the fabulous Patterson House for possibly (no, definitely) the best cocktails EVER
the tilt has well and truly done us in...back to the hotel please!
up bright and early next morning to meet the boys in the park
necklace looking rather fabulous in front of the Parthenon

Santos, Dobro and I hit the pop up shop/gallery in 21 South
Kate and Katy...down at 12 South

Dobro's birthday ...on Randall's fab porch - Whispering Hills Drive (we love you!)
goin' underground...at Ruby Falls
they do like their colored lights don't they?!
bit of a small fall....Barton Falls was more impressive...but this one has colored lights (?!)
on the road again....hey BUBBA!
...and we spot some convicts on the roadside picking up trash...look they bagged themselves a MATTRESS!

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