Tuesday, 12 June 2012


last week i purchased this fab oak rocking chair.  it is...hands down...the best investment i have ever made as it single-handedly manages to reduce my stress levels dramatically witin 5 seconds of me sitting in it.  i really wanted to get a rocking chair after returning from my recent US trip - especially as it seems to be the law that every home in Tennessee (all southern states even?!)  must have a rocking chair on its porch - so i became completely addicted to sittin' and rockin' of an evening. my american friend couldn't believe, in fact, that they aren't standard over here!  i'd been searching for the perfect specimen...looking at vintage style with spindles, french style white ones and more modern types - but as soon as i saw this one i knew it was for me.
here's mine....it is soooo comfy!
these days i come home from work wanting to tear my hair out or cry and since buying this beauty all i have to do is just sit...and rock...and i feel totally relaxed.

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