Monday, 30 July 2012

garden update

Rose, pansies & sweat peas straight from the garden
the garden has been enjoing the sun as well...especially my sweat peas....fragrant and beautiful.
found a use for those lovely Pantone candle containers
and just a few shots of the old shed - which I painted last week - next i have to tackle the summerhouse!
painted the old shed (Dulux Seagrass)....and clearing out the summerhouse
decided to add some stripes....
my new pot (wraps round the drainpipe) from Homebase
 meanwhile the little stray (who is pregnant i'm sure now - even though she's only a kitten herself) is getting pretty agile and adventurous...and even ventured up to the backdoor today when i put her supper out - bless her heart. 
can i do it? yes you can!

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