Sunday, 22 July 2012


picked up this fantastic old bar the other day - it was sitting in front of a nearby house along with a lot of broken furniture and i spotted it cycling home thinking it was an old desk.  i was delighted when i opened to find a fab mirrior interior, complete with stencilled bottles and cocktail glasses.  i had to rush back home, lock up the bike and zip back in a taxi to pick it up before someone else nabbed it.  the taxi driver thought i was completely mad and had a good giggle about it, but did concur it was a good find!
perfect for all my pretty bottles & glasses
just managed to squeeeeze it into the only available space!
 had a few friends over later to sample some delish cocktails straight from the bar and fed them with some equally delicious smoked mackerel fishcakes with wasabi mayo (adapted from this recipe)...they went down a storm.
must be on a bit of creative cooking tip as last night i ended whizzing up some avocado pesto - a great addition to my home made spicy tofu burgers...yum.
 thankfully the sun has FINALLY decided to come out for a bit so i've been enjoying sitting in the garden soaking up the rays...with the local strays....who are just about working up the courage to venture inside!
they seem to like a bit of Classic FM on the radio
nobody here but us chickens!

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