Monday, 23 July 2012

salted caramel & immaculate conception

after a hot day sitting in the garden on Sunday (at last summer is here...but only for a few days) I decided to cycle over to the Lexi in the evening to watch Rebecca Thomas's Elecktrick Children.  spotted this in the evening sun on the way there....
in the evening sun - on Bramston Road, NW10
and this ratty old thing on the way home.
its a mattress Jim, but not as we know it - on Hardinge Road, NW10
the film itself was a real treat (along with the yummy salted caramel ice cream i had) and a nice little nostalgic  trip back to the late 90s.  it tells the story of a 15 year old Mormon girl (the ethereally beautiful Julia Garner) who believes she became pregnant after listening to a cassette tape of a Blondie song (classic!).  while searching for the "father" of her baby she runs into a bunch of punky kids (always love a Culkin...Rory is excellent as grunge kid Clyde) squating, gigging and skating around Las Vegas.
the soundtrack is great - particularly love the Condtuits track running throughout...very My Bloody Valentine.

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